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We aim to encourage, relate and promote the stories of Australia and its people, past and present. Our first publication, Bulldust and Bough Shades, a short history of horse-racing in Central Australia, was printed in 1981, and is now being revised for a reprint.

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Cape Northumberland near Dingley Dell, where ALG sat, composing poetry-J.Adams

A Bench of Bastards: a history of Justices of the Peace in England and Australia
‘I was a stipendiary magistrate for 34 years. When I began the research for this history, I believed Justices of the Peace and Magistrates to be part of an ancient and honourable order. Later I discovered that they were ...’
Aboriginal Ex-servicemen of Central Australia
An honour roll of all Aboriginal people from Central Australia who have served in the armed services including testimonies from eight Central Australian ex-servicemen.
Alone on the soaks: The life and times of Alec Kruger
Alec Kruger was stolen as a child from his family and his country. From this early time he knew the cold and harsh reality of institutions and not the caressing love of his mother or the warmth of other close relations.
At a Cost
Roy McFadyen was thrown out of home by his mother into a freezing winter’s night, and rode his bicycle 650 km to the Mallee looking for work.
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