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Friday, July 28, 2017
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Book commemorating livestock transport pioneer Noel Buntine due soon!
After a long interval, the story of Noel Buntine and his rise to be the largest livestock carrier in Australia is due for publication, after long delay, before the end of 2017.

A Bench of Bastards: a history of Justices of the Peace in England and Australia

by Michael Ward
378 pages
Paperback $30.00
ISBN 978-0-9808544-2-8
I was a stipendiary magistrate for 34 years. When I began the research for this history, I believed Justices of the Peace and Magistrates to be part of an ancient and honourable order. Later I discovered that they were . . .

New Release

The Journey of the Littlest Atom
Travel with the The Littlest Atom on its exciting journey as it blasts its way from the heavens to the earth and hopefully back again.
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